shpalman (shpalman) wrote,

Regrets to inform you that is dead because Netcetera were stupid

I don't think that Joseph Chikelue Obi ever got back to Netcetera over why he wanted a couple of pages taken off, but maverickly and ethically decided to get lost like the loser he is. That didn't stop Netcetera pulling the entire site today, as if Obi's threat was something to take seriously. It turns out that their Terms & Conditions read “you give us money to host your site, we take it down whenever we get a bit scared or something”. was on its way over to Positive Internet anyway. But you'd think these guys would have learnt by now that pissing off the Little Black Duck is a great way to wake up to several blog posts pointing out what cretins you are. is now up and running again, on a better host, so the only losers are in fact Joseph Chikelue Obi and Netcetera.

And see also Bloggerheads (and again) and The Lay Scientist. And lolquacks.

And as of Monday March the 3rd, something new at LayScience.

Tags: badscience

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