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shpalman [userpic]


24th December 2007 (18:03)

From SciencePunk, some top-quality quantum nonsense at NaturScience.

“Science tells us that all matter is energy in motion.”

No it doesn't. That has to be one of the most useless summaries of the De Broglie hypothesis. Anyway, matter waves aren't the same as electromagnetic waves (i.e. photons). As anyone who has done a quantum mechanics usually learns on the first day, macroscopic objects have tiny De Broglie wavelengths when moving at any visible speed just because they have so much mass compared to individual subatomic particles.

“Computers can capture the ‘frequency signal’ of matter...”

What frequency signal? The vibrations of bonds in the infra-red, the rotations of small molecules in the microwave? The electronic transitions in the visible and ultraviolet? The alignment of electronic spins in the magnetic field of the nucleus, or the precession of the nuclear spins themselves at radio frequencies? And how can computers do this without having some sort of measuring equipment attached?

“These signals are known as ‘nano-waves’.”

Only to you cretins.

“This is similar to an EKG machine measuring the electrical output of the heart.”

No it isn't, etc...

Gimpy has already commented there that nanometre wavelengths correspond to x-ray radiation. I will just comment that ‘Quantumceuticals’ is a big pile of testicles.free hit counter javascript


Posted by: calcinations (calcinations)
Posted at: 24th December 2007 17:54 (UTC)

And I have authentic demonstrations of historical chemistry knowledge in case anyone wants to argue.

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