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Fusion is a dish best served cold

A comment to Conspicuous by its absence: any science brought to my attention something quite interesting about Emilio Del Giudice and Giuliano Preparata. They were two of the three authors of the “Water as a Free Electric Dipole Laser paper1 which often gets cited as “del Guidice et al.” (sic.) by quantum homeopaths looking for scientific evidence for the memory of water.2

Now I was assuming that this was a decent if unimportant paper which just showed how water molecules line up in electric fields - Physics Review Letters is one of the highest impact factor physics journals and they have high standards - which has been misunderstood and misappropriated.

But maybe I'm the one who misunderstood, because it turns out that following this publication Del Giudice and Preparata seem to have gone to work with Fleischmann and Pons on Cold Fusion. They turned up in October 1991 (unnamed) in a review in La Repubblica of a book by Axel Kahn called False Prophets, objecting (for some reason) to being described as “fornicating priests”. They sued,3 lost,4 complained5 about Ref. 4 and got smacked down.6

So thanks to for ruining the one citation I thought was respectable in Milgrom's papers.

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Tags: badscience, homeopathy, lionel milgrom, memory of water
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