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In the kingdom of the blind...

BPSDB... the one-eyed man is king. I found some of the earlier papers by Lionel Milgrom - there's one called “Vitalism, complexity and the concept of spin” [Lionel R. Milgrom. Homeopathy 91 (1) 26-31 (2002)] which, according to the submission dates, was probably written at roughly the same time as the “Weak Quantum Theory” paper, [Harald Atmanspacher, Hartmann Römer, and Harald Walach. Found. Phys. 32 (3) 379-406 (2002)], and doesn't seem to have anything like the level of quantum lunacy which is already evident in “Patient-Practitioner-Remedy (PPR) entanglement. Part 1. a qualitative, non-local metaphor for homeopathy based on quantum theory.” [Homeopathy 91 (4) 239-248 (2002)]. But it does introduce the gyroscope metaphor, explaining how this was inspired by some NMR measurements.

The measurements in question are those reported in “On the investigation of homeopathic potencies using low resolution NMR T2 relaxation times: an experimental and critical survey of the work of Roland Conte et al.” [L. R. Milgrom, K. R. King, J. Lee, and A. S. Pinkus. Brit. Homeopathy J. 90 (1) 5-13 (2001)]. What this paper does, is work out that Conde et. al.'s results, which show some change in T2 relaxation time following homeopathic whatever it is they do, are down to the cheap glass sample vials the machine came with. Pity, because Conde et. al. had come up with all sorts of far-fetched quantum field theory ideas explaining their results. Milgrom et. al. conclude:

That our observed fluctuations in T2 values largely disappeared by changing the glassware of our NMR tubes seems to have been a reason for non-reproducibility that Conte et al have not considered. We suggest that such an observation renders their highly complex mathematico-physical hypothesis for the action of high dilutions on biological systems unnecessary. On the basis of the similar low-resolution NMR experiments we have performed so far, we doubt therefore, whether Conte et al's work could provide a quantitative basis for reliable diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies using homeopathically potentised remedies, or the need for their QFT/relativity-based mathematico-physical hypothesis to explain the homeopathic potentisation process.

There isn't enough irony in the world for what followed, is there?

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