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shpalman [userpic]


31st January 2010 (08:38)

[BPSDB] Sceptics stage homeopathy ‘overdose’: ‘The society [of Homeopaths]' chief executive, Paula Ross, said: “This is an ill advised publicity stunt in very poor taste, which does nothing to advance the scientific debate about how homeopathy actually works.”’

It. Doesn't. Work.

There's no ‘scientific debate’ to be had about how something works if it doesn't work and it the quality of your science is represented by nonsense like this.


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Posted at: 31st January 2010 12:16 (UTC)


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Posted at: 16th January 2011 23:58 (UTC)
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Posted at: 17th January 2011 09:03 (UTC)
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