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shpalman [userpic]

Another happy customer

25th June 2009 (23:07)

BPSDB There's a plethora of a letter at A Case of Chiropractic Manipulation Immediately Relieving Depression with Chronic Pain:

Patient A, a 41-year-old Taiwanese male, suffered from intermittent dysthymia which presented with minor low mood, insomnia, anxiety, chest tightness, back pain, and subjectively mild occupational difficulty... patient A received a single chiropractic spinal manipulation. The chiropractor noticed a minor deformity in the thoracic spine, and a traction technique was administered. He experienced immediate relief from back pain. The following day he reported complete relief of chest tightness, dysthymia, fatigue, and insomnia, with HAM-D, TDQ, and VAS scores of 0 for all.

“No, no, I'm fine now, no need to do any more chiropractic on me, I'll be off then...”

Reminds me slightly of various Blue Jam sketches. (Meanwhile, proper holistic back-pain suggestions.)


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: 19th July 2012 21:26 (UTC)

Keep this reports coming! The more people reporting good results from chiropractic care, the more recognized it will become, and people will turn to alternative, natural means for health rather than industrialized drugs.

Posted by: shpalman (shpalman)
Posted at: 20th July 2012 07:39 (UTC)

Somehow I think you missed the context in which I pointed out that chiropractic is a big pile of dangerous nonsense.

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