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shpalman [userpic]

A catholic priest is someone whom everyone calls "father"...

14th May 2007 (11:56)

... apart from his own children, who are obliged to call him "uncle".

Saturday was “Family Day” in Italy, with Piazza San Giovanni in Rome filled with protesters (and many their children) against new laws which will give greater rights to unmarried couples. A counter protest, supporting secularism of the state in Piazza Navona, wasn't as well attended as the one in Turkey.

The protest against laws giving rights to unmarried cohabitants was supported by The Vatican, which is a big house in Rome where hundreds of single men live together.


Posted by: nicholas (makyo)
Posted at: 14th May 2007 14:14 (UTC)
Dr Nick

In other news, the Pope has spoken out in condemnation of autocratic and authoritarian governments. Presumably on the grounds that he considers it his job to tell people what to do and think, rather than because he disapproves of authoritarianism in principle.

Posted by: shpalman (shpalman)
Posted at: 14th May 2007 15:01 (UTC)

So the Pope criticises unnamed governments in South America for being “wedded to old-fashioned ideologies” like Marxism. But the church should stay out of politics, as Leonardo Boff discovered when Cardinal Ratzinger kicked him out of the Church for saying why “Christians should be politically and socially active and involved in bringing about real salvation from oppressors in this world rather than await possible salvation in the next” after Pope John Paul II had charged Ratzinger with getting rid of the “potentially dangerous” Marxists.

Pope Benedict XVI also canonized a man who wrote Latin prayers on a piece of paper which you could swallow and didn't apparently say anything about contraception to the people of São Paolo, one of the world's most populous cities (motto: “I am not led, I lead”), where “almost a third of Brazilian schoolgirls between the ages of 14 and 17 are out of school because they are pregnant”. But at least he warned drug traffickers they will face divine justice for the scourge of illegal narcotics across Latin America, so that should stop them.

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