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Jesus' blood never failed me yet

28th June 2009 (13:28)

It's on the news that a priest was stopped at the exit of the Milano-Torino autostrada with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% (the legal limit in Italy is 0.05%) and had his licence taken off him. He had to call “friends and family” to come and take him home.

The priest claimed to be tee-total, except for the fact that he had celebrated four masses that day and obviously there's wine in that. Whether there's the amount of wine necessary to put you over the limit (or on the U.K. limit) isn't necessarily the point. Having drunk the wine in some sort of cannibalistic cult ritual rather than in a bar with friends doesn't make you any less dangerous on the motorway. I bet those crackers don't help soak much of it up either.

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